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My Best Cloth Diapering Advice

My son is 4 1/2 months old and we’ve been cloth diapering for 4 months. I’ve accumulated lots of information on my cloth diapering journey that I thought I would share with other mamas in hopes of saving them time and money. Here they are:

1. Buy the cloth diapers your husband likes! I have’nt run into this piece of advice before and I think it’s something every mom should consider when building a stash. In my case my husband really liked GroVia aplix shells with their snap in soakers. Well they only made up about 10% of my stash. Even though we really didn’t need to spend more money on extra diapers we did. Because 1) I love buying more fluff and 2) so my husband would change diapers!

2. Dont buy too many diapers of one brand in the beginning. I like to buy the cute new prints that come out each season and if I read a review of a diaper guaranteeing a great fit and no leaking, I must have one! For example: I bought enough gDiapers to completely diaper my son, but I couldn’t resist trying out other brands to see if they fit/worked better. Meaning I have ALOT of diapers. This doesn’t need to happen to you, learn from my mistake! I justify the new diapers to my husband by telling him we’ll need this many for when we have two in diapers!

3. Wait to really build your stash until after your baby is born. This way you can try them on your baby. Each baby is built differently and some diapers will fit your friends baby great and fit yours horribly.

4. Buy cloth wipes and wipe spray. You don’t have to use them to clean up poo, but they come in handy to clean up spit up or wipe your baby after a wet diaper.

5. Buy newborn sized diapers in aplix. When they grow out of them buy one sized diapers in either snap or aplix. Try both closures out. Snaps will last longer, but aplix is easier to get a better fit and is preferred by dads/grandparents/babysitters.

6. Try out one from several highly reviewed brands to figure out what you want to build your stash with. I’d recommend:

A. Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diaper. I have two and love them! They fit my son well (13 lb) and they work great at night. they are my current favorite diaper. Some people like to build their whole stash around these and I can see why.

B. GroVia shell in aplix. GroVia has a unique aplix which I love. It does not scratch your baby. If you try these the trick to keeping the Velcro tabs looking new is to fold the tab with the aplix on the outside and slip it under the laundry loop. When you take the shell out of the washer to hang dry, smooth out the tabs so they lay flat. GroVia also offers a disposable that fits in this shell.

C. Rumparooz pocket diaper. These are made with a TPU waterproof outer as opposed to PUL. Tpu is a more environmentally friendly fabric and they are capable of decomposing much faster then PUL. Rumparooz have an inner gusset which helps with newborn/runny poo. They are also the softest feeling TPU I’ve felt. I don’t know why, but they are. These worked well for my son at around 10 pounds.

D. Apple cheeks pocket diaper. These are adorable and the inserts will agitate out of the pocket in the wash.

E. Get a few covers to try out. Rumparooz, thirsties duo wrap, flip and wool. Yes, I said wool! Today’s wool covers feel closer to cashmere and only have to be washed every 2-4 weeks or when soiled. When damp just turn inside out to dry. Sustainablebabyish makes an extremely plush and highly rated cover.

F. Best overnight diaper for a heavy wetter is a sustainablebabyish multi fitted with a cover. This is a one size fitted that is so soft and holds up to heavy wetters. It is made of a thick bamboo/organic cotton material. Pair this with a wool cover and you have a bullet proof system.

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Win a Boon high chair!

Here is the link. is giving away a Boon Flair high chir! This is a neutral colored ¬†chair with colored cushions you can buy separately to change up the color whenever you’d like.

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Feed Your Stash Friday with Diaper Junction

This week diaper junction is giving away a GroVia diaper sampler! This includes a one size AI2 and two snap in inserts. I love these diapers! They are currently my go to diaper. The insert holds a lot and you can just use two a day if they don’t get soiled.

To enter simply click here and use the  raffle copter entry form!

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